My Reading Backlog

I saw some people sharing their reading backlog and thought it was a fun idea to write mine down as well. Looking back at 2018 I was quite surprised how much books I managed to read.

If you know some books I should add to my backlog, please let me know!

I’m currently updating this post every time I finished reading a book 😉

A small note: I have not prioritized my todo-list, whenever I finish a book I pick something from it I feel like reading at that moment and start.

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Einstein quotes

Je kunt een probleem niet oplossen met de denkwijze die het heeft veroorzaakt.

Ik heb geen speciaal talent. Ik ben slechts nieuwsgierig.

Logica brengt je van A naar B. Verbeeldingskracht brengt je overal.

– Albert Einstein

5 brainstorming technique

Brainstorming is an effective approach for developing ideas.

However, traditional brainstorming techniques are criticized for being biased, too directive, slow, and ineffective for generating new ideas.

Consequently, new brainstorming techniques have been developed to improve the effectiveness of conventional brainstorming while attempting to eliminate its pitfalls. 

This video aims to explore 5 brainstorming technique that suits your situation and avoid the shortcomings of traditional brainstorming and other techniques. 

1) Brain Writing
2) Starburst
3) Reverse Brainstorming
4) Step Ladder
5) Role Storming

Let’s get started.