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We are travellers who helped a lot of our friends to help them discover great places around the world.
This got us thinking, why don't we connect the world to help each other finding the best gems out there?
Yes, there’s loads of information available, but it’s scattered everywhere and it's anonymous.
TripGems launched in June 2013 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our mission is simple: make the hidden travel gems in the world more accessible, with a little help of our friends. And friends are quickly made on the road

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Los Angeles Times

Things to do per country

TripGems offers things to do in any country or city, all shared by travellers or locals. You can find hidden gems and great deals, ranked and reviewed per country. The countries below are our most popular destinations real-time. Need inspiration? Start now!

Things to do in Netherlands Things to do in United States Things to do in Spain Things to do in Italy
Things to do in United Kingdom Things to do in France Things to do in Germany Things to do in South Africa
Things to do in Belgium Things to do in Mexico Things to do in Australia Things to do in Indonesia
Things to do in Brazil Things to do in Russian Federation Things to do in Thailand Things to do in China

Things to do per place

Find the most popular things to do all around the world shared by travellers or locals. All hiddens gems are ranked and review per country. The most popular gems are shared below and are real-time! Need inspiration? Find out what's hot!

Things to do in Amsterdam Things to do in Barcelona Things to do in New York Things to do in Paris
Things to do in Cape Town Things to do in Almaty, Kazakhstan Things to do in London Things to do in Berlin
Things to do in Rio de Janeiro Things to do in Las Vegas Things to do in Utrecht Things to do in Rotterdam
Things to do in San Francisco Things to do in Madrid Things to do in Hamburg Things to do in Stockholm

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