Praia Grande - State of São Paulo

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Praia Grande - State of São Paulo

Praia Grande - State of São Paulo, Brazil, State of São Paulo, Brazil



20-06-2017 - 10:28 AM

Praia Grande Brazil – And Why I Loved it So Much

Praia Grande may not be as popular of a destination as Rio De Janeiro, but it’s not less unique. I wanted to be able to experience Brazil in all of its natural splendor, without having to fight through large crowds to be able to get into shops or restaurants. Praia Grande was an unusual choice, but it’s a choice I’m glad I made. If you want an authentic experience of the real Brazil, I would suggest you look into making your destination Praia Grande.

The Beaches Are Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Seen

It would have been impossible to see every beach in Praia Grande during my stay, but I did have the privilege of experiencing several popular beaches in the area. Canto do Forte Beach is generally regarded as the best beach in Praia Grande, and it was easy to see why. The city and the main road are right across from the beach, but as soon as you hit the sand, you’ve entered a different world. Everything past the road is left untouched, including the small forest that was perfect for an afternoon nature exploration.

The Culture and Arts Have Strong Roots

Upon entering Palacio das Artes, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. It’s more than just your average museum – it’s a fully functioning cultural center that showcases the best aspects of the community. It features a stage used for theater and musical performances, which is perhaps the biggest draw to the building. There are also rooms that display handmade, hand painted pottery, photos by local photographers, and architectural history of Praia Grande. After spending a few hours there, I really felt like I understood what was important to the native community.

The Shopping Experience Was Wonderful

Brazilian people seem to have a greater appreciation for handmade things and artisan wares. It’s incredible what local business owners can do. I bought so many things for myself, and even more souvenirs for my family. The handmade skincare products were too great to pass up. There are shipping and travel restrictions on some kinds of liquids, so you may have to do what I did and send them home with some reliable service like Pack & Send if you pick some up while you’re there. It was an extra step I needed to take to get these products home, but it was well worth it.

The Orchidarium Was Unreal

So much emphasis is placed on the beauty and exclusivity of orchids. They’re extremely delicate, and it’s difficult to keep them thriving. Even though it isn’t necessarily difficult to provide them with the kind of care that they need, many people are too intimidated to try. The Orchidarium is overflowing with so many different kinds of orchids. I had no idea that there were so many different kinds until I saw them all before me. If you find yourself enchanted by these mysterious flowers, the Orchidarium is a must-see for you.

The Nightlife Was Unique

Most people think of nightlife as something loud, chaotic, and a little out of control. Much to my surprise, the nightlife in Praia Grande was relatively mild. I really appreciated this, because I wouldn’t consider myself to be a nightlife kind of person. I like to take it easy, and I easily get lost in the confusion of large crowds. I was able to go out for a few drinks, hear some music, and actually talk to the locals. It was never too loud, and no one was jammed in. This gave me the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and make connections with the people around me.


If you want a trip to Brazil that is the perfect mix of fun and leisure, I think you will appreciate Praia Grande as much as I did. It’s neither overwhelming nor boring – it allows you to make your own vacation agenda, and enjoy yourself exactly the way you’d love to.


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