St. Jacobs Farmers' Market & Flea Market

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St. Jacobs Farmers' Market & Flea Market



St. Jacobs Farmers' Market & Flea Market

878 Weber St N, Woolwich, ON, Canada, ON, Canada

Website | Phone: +1 519-747-1830



25-07-2014 - 16:44 PM

The vibrant agricultural heritage of Waterloo Region has helped make St. Jacobs Country's authentic Farmers Markets a popular attractions for local shoppers and visitors alike, all year around! Here, on the east and west side of Weber Street, you will find more than 600 vendors both indoors and out, in a colourful rural setting. Come and fill your market basket! St. Jacobs Farmers' Markets are a unique and lively place to shop. You will find aisle upon aisle of fresh produce from across Ontario and from local farm gardens. Plus, you will find meats, cheese, baking, crafts, home decor, furniture, clothes, tools and more. Enjoy international favourites, and local delicacies including sausage, apple fritters, and pure maple syrup sold by Mennonite farmers who travel to market by horse and buggy. At any time of year you may chance upon a lively performances by visiting buskers or a special event.

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market & Flea Market

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