Blushing Blaricum

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Blushing Blaricum Blushing Blaricum


Blushing Blaricum

Huizerweg 4, 1261 AW Blaricum, The Netherlands, Blaricum, Netherlands



15-07-2014 - 13:20 PM

BLUSHING Coffee & Tea is a healthy coffee and tea concept like no other. BLUSHING is hip, trendy and modern. A place to easily and quickly get your coffee but also to work (free WIFI), relax and meet. The interior is a mix of copper, metal, stone and natural colors. When you enter the store you will find yourself surrounded with the feel of the famous New York Meatpacking District. The sophisticated staff who know where the coffee and tea is originated from will complete the experience. BLUSHING is for everyone who wants to enjoy delicious products for a fair price. Blushing Blaricum handles a low carb policy that will fit in many diets. Furthermore, several juices and smoothies will be served, based on soy and almond milk to which wheatgrass or the popular chia seeds can be added on request. Every customer can order his own preference of ingredients and will receive a free shot of vegetable juice which contains a real vitamin bomb, a recipe from the famous Thai Kamalaya spa. Without a doubt, BLUSHING Blaricum will make you blush and bring you joy.

Blushing Blaricum Blushing Blaricum

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