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About TripGems

The entrepreneurial spirit that once got the founders traveling, evolved into a desire to start their own company.

Unlocking travel wisdom

We are travellers who helped a lot of our friends to discover great places around the world. This got us thinking, why don't we connect the world to help each other find the best gems out there? Yes, there’s loads of information available, but it’s scattered everywhere and it's anonymous. There is so much travel wisdom among travellers about what is hot and what is not, we believe we can unlock this value by providing a platform that works fast and is easily accessible everywhere.

Where we want to be

There are already plenty of websites that help you to get to a destination: flight search engines, hotel booking sites, but there is no authority yet in the ‘Things to do’ space, let alone one that involves advice from your friends. This is where we want to be. On TripGems you can find hidden gems and great deals, there is always something to do:

  1. Find and share hidden gems with your friends
  2. Receive great deals at your next destination
  3. Have full autonomy over your offers (for local business owners)

What we live by

"Some people went around interviewing, dying patients, but not one person said they regretted not making more money or working harder, they all seemed to say their regrets were not spending more time with the people they loved, and not travelling more and not relating more… to the world and the planet" – 1 Giant Leap


For more information or interview invitations, please contact Maarten Munster. Download our presskit.


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